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Fine dining drive through?

A fine dining drive through restaurant? Would you pay to dine in your car? The restaurant industry has been decimated by the pandemic and will it ever return to “normal”? Can it ever return to normal  given the mass restaurant closures and that COVID may never fully go away? Well, the restaurant tech platform Resy is trialling a new concept by “hosting a 10-course drive-through dinner at the Hollywood Palladium”  catered by 10 well known LA chefs.

It’ll all be COVID-safe with disposable containers on a tray which diners can keep. The event personnel will wear gloves, masks and shields, be tested before the event and have their temperature taken before starting! You’ll drive along a track and stop at each of 10 stations for a course from each restaurant. Each dish will be specially designed to be eaten in a car including spiced lamb ribs with tzatziki and Armenian spices and for dessert petit fours, including a caramel and ganache tart infused with Hojicha green tea

For all this you’ll pay USD95 per person for up to four patrons per vehicle. They’ll cater for up to 600 guests over two nights.

I applaud the concept, but is it more for show than any sort of practical solution? I can see how this would work for passengers, but the driver could have real problems balancing the tray and eating. What about wine, is it bring your own and what are the licencing rules?

It may actually be a concept ahead of its time. Imagine a self driving car with four seats facing each other across a table. Now the logistics of eating in your car could work there.

Would you pay USD95 (AUD135) to eat fine dining food in your car? Let me know below.

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torrent January 12, 2021 at 7:44 am

Simply wish to say your article is as astonishing. Lulita Simone Elodia

Tony Hunter January 12, 2021 at 9:29 am

Thanks Lulita, glad you found the article interesting. There’s so many fascinating technologies and changes happening in the food industry. Have a great 2021!


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