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The next step in the personalisation of food.

The Molson Coors Beverage Company is taking the next step in the personalisation of food by releasing a new range of products as part of their “dedication to health, wellness and social responsibility”. Interestingly, each of their new products “micro-targets a group and problem-solves a very specific challenge that maybe hasn’t been looked at before”. This “micro-targeting” will become more and more common in all food and beverage segments as companies strive to personalise their offerings.

Molson’s new products have been developed as part of its minority stake in L.A. Libations, a “next-generation beverage incubator” The products comprise of;

1 – Huzzah, a full-flavored seltzer with added probiotics.

2 – MadVine, a 100% plant-based, diet soda with zero calories, sugar or artificial ingredients.

3 – Golden Wing, a grain-based milk alternative made with barley and no additives, stabilizers or frothing agents.

4 – A yet-to-be announced, nootropic performance beverage providing enhanced focus, nutrition, and improved performance targeted towards gamers and developers.

They’re certainly going all out in their market segment spread covering from probiotics to alternative milk to nootropic products. Will they all be successful? The ideas certainly look to hit several emerging product trends with significant growth potential. The determining factor will be whether Molson’s brand equity will transfer from alcoholic to non-alcoholic beverages and of course if they taste good!

The personalisation of food and beverage is an unstoppable megatrend and I’ll be watching this one with interest.

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