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A be’f product by any other name

The story behind the release of the new Gardein™ soup range is the demonstration of the futility of conventional animal ag arguing about names. Gardein™, owned by food behemoth Conagra Brands, clearly put “PLANT-BASED” in capitals followed by the product name, such as “Be’f & Vegetable”. Any argument that they’re trying to “fool” the customer is patently absurd. Let’s not forget that this is ConAgra we’re talking about with great legal and marketing teams. This means 2 things;

1 – They’ve done their homework.
2 – They easily have the resources to take on any legal challenge should they choose to do so.

All of the resources being spent by both parties on the Word War would be far better spent on product innovation and marketing than legal arguments.

Other imaginative names in the range are;

Chick’n Noodl’
Saus’ge Gumbo
Chick’n & Rice
Minestrone & Saus’ge

This further reinforces that every animal based product on the shelves is a target for replacement. Soups are just another example that plantbased products are now firmly mainstream.

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