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How to invest in the Future of Protein

Want to invest in the exponentially growing alternative protein sector but struggle to understand the market? This where I and my extensive network can help you understand the Future of Protein.

The pandemic has actually “increased interest in alternative protein, both from investors and entrepreneurs but also from governments,” ​said Cooney. So whilst some sectors have seen investments dry up investment in the alternative protein sector has continued unabated. However, knowing where to invest is always the trick.

As Nick Cooney from Lever VC says “We’ve seen valuations all over the place, and there’s no doubt that there are some companies that are raising at valuations that we at least think are not smart bets for investors… It’s in part due to the fact that there are a number of investors and funds out there that know there is something valuable going on in alternative protein, but don’t have a granular enough understanding of the sector to make smart bets, so they are just investing in one of the three or four companies that they hear about.”

If you want help making one of those “smart bets” in the Future of Protein then contact me here or at tony@futuristforfood.com

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