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Cultivated meat bacon test markets in San Francisco!

Mission Barns is offering 50 to 100 people the opportunity to taste and comment on their cultivated meat bacon product pictured above. The idea is to get feedback on the product to see what a range of consumers think. Two restaurants will serve the products at no cost, including Cockscomb and one other as yet unnamed site. You can sign up for the fantastic opportunity to be one of the tasters at the Mission Barns site here.

It doesn’t sound like a lot of people and product but in the recent past a few grams was considered a lot! It also says that Mission must believe that they have at least a Minimum Viable Product. If it’s even a moderate success this will likely bring investors out of the woodwork and fund scale up.

Interestingly it’s a hybrid product using cultivated pork fat cells and plant protein. It’s a savvy move to use fat cells as they’re more forgiving in terms of nutrition and growth requirements. This makes fat cheaper to produce and fat’s where the flavour is. Adding plantbased ingredients further improves the product cost, making it more price competitive from the start.

The cultivated meat industry is moving at an exponential pace and this sort of event would have been unthinkable 2-3 years ago. Anyone writing off cultivated meat or cellular agriculture in general does so at their peril.

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