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Dairy company goes plantbased

Another dairy based company goes fully plantbased, this time in Poland. Jogurty Magda follow in the steps of companies like Elmhurst in the US who went from 90 years in the dairy industry to producing only plantbased milk. Research from Mintel showing that, during the pandemic, 20 percent of Poles started to perceive a plantbased diet as more attractive, supports their decision.

COVID-19 has caused major shocks to the conventional animal food industries. This includes dairy farmers being forced to dispose of millions of litres of milk. The industry operates on a knife edge now and this could be the last straw for some producers.

Value added products like yoghurts and cheese are what’s supporting the dairy industry and they’re now seeing increased non-dairy competition. Significant replacement of these dairy products could have a major effect on the industry.

Changes like Jogurty Magda are the signals of the future. They point to the continuing strong development of the plantbased and other alt-dairy industries.

It also begs the question of how many shocks the dairy industry can take?

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