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Cultivated meat by 2021?

Future Meat Technologies will use their USD14M Series A fund rising, led by S2G Ventures,  to construct a proof of concept cultivated meat pilot facility in Tel Aviv. The plant will produce “about 200-500 kilograms of biomass by Q1 2021” comprising “cultured animal fat combined with plant-based protein”

They’ll then licence the cultivated meat technology to other companies rather than trying to scale production themselves. This could work well, with massive companies like investor Tyson Foods having the money, marketing and other infrastructure to scale the products rapidly.

It’s also a smart move by Future Meat to concentrate on just one animal cell type, fat. It makes life a lot easier than trying to proliferate multiple cell types and then structure them in some (even small) way.

Just imagine, you could be eating cultivated fat containing products by the end of 2021!

Disruption is closer than you think……….

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