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Our Personalised Wellness MegaFuture

The personalised wellness juggernaut marches on with Nestlé releasing their NesQino product in the China market. It “comprises a silent, digitally connected Q-cup machine, superfood sachets, and three different base sachets: smoothie, oat shake and milk shake.”

Personalization is the overarching trend for the Future of Food as it is for so many industries. Delivering on that trend when you have millions of individual consumers is the trick and NesQino offers 7 superfood sachets with the 3 bases. Not exactly millions of combinations but it still allows a decent degree of personalization.

Interestingly Nestle’s goal is to “is to offer a personalised wellness experience”. Notice the use of “wellness” not just nutrition. This wellness includes not just physical but mental, emotional and cognitive health as well.

Being for the China market the product names are made to appeal to this sector with “‘Glowing shield’ (a naturally orange superfood fusion of mango, carrot and acerola cherries for ‘immunity’)” and “‘timeless flair’ and supports ‘antioxidant resilience’”

In the current climate I’m all for some “Glowing Shield”!

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