Foodini 3d Food Printer
My take on it all

Laser Powered 3D Printer cooking?

Laser cooking 3D food printer from Natural Machines! Is this finally one of the killer apps for 3D printing? Most commercial 3D printing applications have been in restaurant and food service and for consumers it’s been mostly for decoration.

In my opinion their main drawback is they’re only able to print cold products which are then separately heated/cooked or eaten raw. So it’s either cold or it needs another step to be ready for consumption. However, add in cooking and you have an appliance which can custom make a much wider range of ready to eat products. Imagine if you could print your pizza crust, cook it and then add toppings followed by a final cook step.

This could open a whole new industry in providing recipes for download from eBay or Amazon for a small fee and then uploading to your 3D printer!

Commercially, another potential killer app is NOVAMEAT and their plantbased steak products. Large scale deployment of 3D food printers in restaurants and/or manufacturers could change the industry’s direction dramatically.

The other application is of course that MegaFuture™ of Personalised Wellness. We could potentially tweak recipes and ingredients to suit our individual nutritional needs and print them on demand!

It’s all a few years away yet, but make no mistake, if it does take off, it’ll happen quickly!

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