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Bite Sized Update! – Plantbased egg on the rise.

Eat JUST Inc. ramps up its new facility with Sodexo food service deal.

One of the world’s largest foodservice companies, Sodexo has just announced that it’ll be serving Eat JUST Inc. plantbased eggs in its US operation. This is quite a big deal as, amazingly, Sodexo serves 75 million customers each day, including 1.6 million students in the US and Canada.

Their reasoning for the introduction is that “As a growing number of people look for breakfast options that are healthier, provide protein and are allergen-friendly, Sodexo understands the potential of JUST Egg to help address these lifestyle and dietary needs, ultimately improving the way communities eat across the country while greatly reducing strain on our environment.” It’s also part of their Better Tomorrow 2025 strategy to reduce their carbon emissions by 34 % by 2025.

They say that “JUST Egg products are nearly indistinguishable from their “real” counterparts – they taste like eggs, cook like eggs and can bake like eggs.”

Overall a ringing endorsement of JUST egg and the business will help fill the capacity of their new Minnesota facility.

Alternative proteins like plantbased egg will continue their unstoppable advance, helping in our struggle to feed the world without killing the planet!

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