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Bite Sized Update – Is there an existential threat to the Dairy Industry?

Synthetic biology continues to show the power of the technology and no-one is immune!

A couple if signals that the Dairy industry may be in trouble in the decades to come.

Synthetic biology company Perfect Day raises $140m in series C funding. Of whey it says that “At scale, the company says the product can be as much as 40% cheaper than milk protein from cows” The money will also be used to accelerate development of its “animal-free version of milk fat that it recently developed.”

If you think that Perfect Day raising $140m in Series C funding is a Dairy disruptor how about lactating animal cells? TurtleTree Labs “are using cellular agriculture to grow mammary gland cells in a lab which actually lactate milk.

And by milk, we mean any kind of milk — not just cow milk. In fact, according to TurtleTree’s CEO Fengru Lin their first product will likely be human milk.”

Potentially massive disruption is coming to the Dairy industry but will consumers buy it, literally and figuratively?



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