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Bite Sized Update! – Personalised Nutrition for Babies!

Personalised nutrition is a key driver in the Future of Food for the coming decades. Remember the old saying about get a consumer as a kid, got them for life? Well, startup Yumi are zeroing in on personalising nutrition for babies and infants and they’ve just raised $8m to fund expansion.

What’s different about Yumi is their high tech approach. They use proprietary algorithms and scientific data to produce customised meal plans. The customisation is based upon the child’s developmental stage.

A concern here is that most subscribers only stay “north of 4 months”, a little puzzling??? Is that due to price, quality? Definitely needs a deep dive on why there’s so much churn. Despite this they claim a 30% growth rate…………per month!

This is yet another sign of the increasing personalization becoming expected by consumers, especially personalised nutrition. As for getting them young………… works for McDonald’s!

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