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European Livestock Voice “restores the balance”?

Why is this significant?

The conventional animal agriculture industry is undoubtedly receiving a lot of bad press. However, this site is not the answer, as it simply promotes the entrenched views of the animal industry while denigrating and misrepresenting alternative technologies. What’s really needed is some balanced discussion of the options to help feed the world.

The new European Livestock Voice (ELV) site claims to have been created to “restore balance” in the meat debate. Unfortunately it does so by promoting as many myths and half truths about alternative technologies as it claims are perpetuated against the conventional animal industry! That may be one way to bring “balance” but certainly not the most desirable.

For instance, their statement on cellbased meat under “The importance of livestock” is factually incorrect. Some of the quoted ingredients, namely foetal calf serum, antibiotics and fungicides will NOT be required to manufacture cellbased meat, they’re mentioned as a scare tactic. Also, without animals, many animal products will still be available, just not made from animals! E.g. leather will be available from Modern Meadow and gelatin from Geltor Inc.

Even the ELV Home page is far from balanced. Apparently having no animal agriculture bleaches the colour from villages, causes pet shops to close, as well as bars, restaurants and leather clothing shops. Also there’s now no Farmers Market, the village square is deserted and the nearest “Super Green Super Market” is 1 km away!

It’s unfortunate that this is the approach from the ELV as a well balanced debate is what’s sorely needed in the meat space.

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