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Cubiq Foods Smart Fat helps address plantbased health concerns

Why is this significant?

There’s been concerns expressed about whether plantbased products are “healthy”. The level of saturated fat has been one concern and this could help address the issue.

The nutrition of some plantbased  products is under fire and this new SmartFat from Cubiq Foods could help with saturated fat concerns. Their process can turn sunflower or olive oil into solid or semi-solid structured fats which can then be incorporated into alternative protein products. “Cubiq’s process involves the addition of water (up to 40%) and some clean label food-grade additives, some of which Montefeltro said were already on food labels in plant-based or regular processed meat products. The fat is then put through a “mechanical process​” – which the company is not outlining in detail at this stage as it is exploring patents.”

Never forget, the last product you had from companies like Impossible Foods or Beyond Meats is the worst you’ll ever have! These are technology companies that make food, so continuous improvement is part of their DNA. It also makes them an agile and moving target for conventional animal industries like meat to attack.

The Future of Food just gets more and more interesting!

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