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Bite Sized Update! – Scaleup support is essential for Food and Ag startups to make an impact

Scaleup is one of the biggest barriers to startup companies creating real impact.

“The role of start-ups in shaping the future of the food and agriculture industry is significant. Market researcher Innova Market Insights’ 2019 Trends Report notes that small players, such as the listed start-ups, are increasingly shaking up the industry by taking on the classic FMCG giants in an increasingly high–tech arena. The market researcher highlights this “golden age of creativity” as driven by growing demand for ethically-produced, sustainably sourced and environmentally-conscious food products.”

“In the Netherlands, Rabobank, ScaleUpNation and Foodvalley are launching ScaleUpFood, a comprehensive support program dedicated to scaling entrepreneurial ventures in food and agriculture. The invite-only program targets Dutch upstream scale-up businesses – agritech, agribiotech and novel food – with the offer of providing guidance in specific areas such as strategic selling, specialized finance and data-driven business model extensions. Following the program, qualified ventures will be invited for longer-term tailored support, collaboration opportunities and access to series-B level funding.”

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