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China leads Australia in support for Plant Based Meat

China gets serious on plant based meat and Australia should do the same. On November 14 an international forum on the future of food, including plant based meat, will be held in Zhongguancun, Beijing. The event is being organised by Dao Foods International and the Dongsheng Science and Technology Park, “one of China’s leading accelerator and incubator organizations”

Dao has been co-founded by Dao Ventures and Moonspire Social Ventures in conjunction with New Crop Capital. It’s “a cross-border investor that specializes in supporting China-focused ventures in the alternative protein product space”

China’s adoption of these new technologies is both an opportunity and a threat to Australian Agriculture. The adoption of new technologies by China is a threat in that we risk being just the raw material supplier, yet again taking only the commodity margin. The opportunity is for us to develop these new technologies in plant based meat and clean meat in Australia in order to enhance our global competitiveness.

Our Government needs to step up its investment in new Agri Food Tech products to secure our agriculture industry’s future. Digging in behind entrenched interest groups serves no-one, least of all our farmers!

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