Nestle wants your DNA!

Nestle is the world’s biggest food company and as part of their long-term strategy is pivoting to health focused foods. Japan has a long history of nutraceutical foods and this is where they’re starting. Users of their “Nestle Wellness Ambassador” program send pictures of their food using the popular Line app “that then recommends lifestyle changes and specially formulated supplements”. And yes, Nestle wants your DNA and blood to help “identify susceptibility to common ailments like high cholesterol or diabetes”.

The program can cost around AUD850 per year “for capsules that make nutrient-rich teas, smoothies and other products such as vitamin-fortified snacks”.

This appears to be part of a long term strategic change for Nestle, who sold their US confectionery business to Ferrero earlier this year. They’ve bought into prepared meal make Freshly, created Microbiome Diagnostics Partners with Enterome and acquired Atrium Innovations. Interestingly Nestle mention Atrium’s plant based nutrition in their press release.

AI, genetics and the microbiome are combining to fundamentally change the future of how we view food. It’s no longer being viewed as simple nutrition but as a “medicine” (nutraceutical) with multiple contributions to our health.


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