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Clean pork product demoed.

Another milestone for Clean Meat with Brian Spears from New Age meats demoing their clean pork product. As Arvind Gupta says in the article “This is the most product and the fastest production from any cultured-meat startup we’ve seen so far”. With Just to release a chicken nugget later this year the large scale commercial release of Clean Meat just gets closer.

As for how it tasted, Erin Brodwin from Business Insider said “It tasted like meat. Then again, it is meat.” That’s the thing, it IS meat, just not made as we know it!

The next big hurdle for all clean meat manufacturers is the cost of the cell culture medium and finding a plant based solution rather than using fetal bovine serum (FBS). Brian reckons a few months and they’ll be FBS free and, based on Gupta’s comment above, New Age Meats just may do it!

Keep your eye out for their beef and crab options as well.

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