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Table of Disruptive Technologies

It’s been out for a while, but the Table of Disruptive Technologies prepared by the Imperial College London has a fascinating range of technologies.

It shows technologies on 4 horizons;

  1. Happening now.
  2. Near future 10-20 years hence.
  3. Distant future 20 years plus.
  4. Fringe Science and Technology – highly improbable but not impossible.

From a food perspective the technologies in each category are;

  1. Precision agriculture/Cultured Meat/Vertical Agriculture.
  2. 3D printing of food.
  3. None!
  4. None!

Some of the things I would add to each horizon;

  1. Insect protein/Acellular animal products/Robot kitchens.
  2. Biomass from CO2/Microbiome manipulation/Personalised nutrition.
  3. Digitised food.
  4. Star Trek replicator.

Disruptive Technologies – Navigating New Opportunities and Risks

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