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Is this the Future of Food 2038?

Is this the Future of food in 2038? Marius Robles paints a disturbingly dystopian view of the future in which “The word “flavor” has fallen into disuse” and we have the Chinese “social credit plan”, the EU “Citizen Food Score” and food police!

Algorithms rule our food intake and restaurants as we know them have basically ceased to exist. You even provide a saliva sample on entering any remaining restaurant so they can prepare the “perfect” meal for you! 3D printing rules food preparation and all food has been digitised for your convenience. As for any notion of privacy, say good bye to that!

Marius concludes with “Abundance, coupled with artificial intelligence’s ability to anticipate every decision, has emptied our minds and lives of any concerns related to food. But as a result, we have destroyed the pleasure of eating: We never lick our lips in anticipation.”

I would propose a more positive future of food where we have such a variety of options, courtesy of Cellular Ag, that taste sensations abound! Farming land is much reduced as we produce sustainable foods close to markets in bioreactors and vertical farms. Obesity has been eliminated by the understanding of the human microbiome and crunchy cricket snacks are commonplace. Lather is grown, not made from animal skin, and virtually everything is biodegradable.

I sincerely hope that Marius is wrong, it’s not one of my desirable futures! His new book, Eatnomics: The New Food Economy, will be out soon and I’m more than keen to read his rationale for this dystopian future.

I much prefer my future of food scenario!


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