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The Better Meat Co – Making meat better!

Meat, it has that wonderful taste attraction to the majority of consumers, so how do you make it better? Well Better Meat Co (BMC) says, just add plants! We’ve already seen studies showing that up to 30% inclusion of mushrooms is no problem. Now BMC is using a proprietary manufactured blend of ““wheat protein, mushroom, pea fiber and umami extracts dubbed ‘Albina 100′” as a meat replacer and enhancer. Apparently it’s all in the processing of the ingredients as adding them individually would give “a very gummy-like experience, and that’s not what we’re delivering,” says co-founder Adam Yee.

BMC are using a USD800,000 pre-seed raising to commercialise its product within the next 3 months. The finished Albina 100 product will look like “croutons” and can be used to replace up to 30% meat. Their first target will be commercial food service products like meatballs, burgers and hot dogs. This makes good sense as there’s volume in these operations and less publicity worries that a major QSR might experience.

Yee also said that the “overwhelming majority (about 80%) of consumers that have tried Better Meat Co’s wares in blind taste tests actually preferred meatballs made with 30% plants”. A great result, undoubtedly due to the umami effect of the mushroom and “umami extracts” in Albina 100.

BMC’s product hits a lot of current hot buttons

The product can be used to;

  • Enhance taste and texture of your products
  • Improve the health profile of your products by reducing calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol
  • Improve the environmental footprint of your products, helping you achieve your corporate sustainability goals
  • All at cost-competitive prices

A huge amount of meat goes into products like burgers, hot dogs etc. and 30% reduction would have a major impact. Good for the planet’s resources and feeding nearly 10 bn by 2050! It’s also yet another way of weaning consumers from conventional meat. Watch out conventional meat!

It’ll be interesting to see how Albina 100 and similar concept products are received by processors and consumers.

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