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Beyond Meat expands its distribution

Beyond Meat is taking the premium marketing route in Asia by partnering with the Grand Hyatt Singapore, which sold 1,000 of the popular vegan burgers during its launch event. Whilst 1,000 burgers really isn’t much the publicity is what counts! Having such high profile customers Beyond Meat gets its name known and can sell product which may be noncompetitive in a supermarket, but can get a premium at these sort of venues.

According to recent sales data Beyond Meat has quadrupled its sales in the region since the burgers introduction last year. It’s now available in Taiwan and is about to be introduced in the UAE at US chain Bareburger. Slow but steady premium sales growth seems to be the strategy.

Wait until economies of scale kick in and then watch the growth of Beyond and Impossible Burger products!

Beyond Meat Sells 1,000 Vegan Burgers a Day at Grand Hyatt Singapore

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