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Zume continues in it’s automation of Pizza making

With USD50m in venture capital backing last year Zume Pizza continues its mission “to combine craft pizza making with automation and big data”.  With the introduction of its robot “Vincenzo” Zume continues to automate its pizza preparation and seemingly quality. Vincenzo does this determining “when the crust “hits peak par bake perfection.””. It then removes the pizzas from the oven and stacks thme on a 27 shelf Pizza rack. Using big data Zume then loads up its trucks with the products it predicts will sell in the truck’s destination neighbourhood!

Zume joins Dominos in its automated last-mile delivery and Little Caesars preparation robot patent in the ongoing automation of the pizza sector.

Whilst Zume are justifying the use of robots as a saftey measure one can’t help wondering what happens as entry level jobs in the food sector simply disappear?

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