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Steak-like products one step closer.

Plants used as a base for Cultured Meat products. Pelling Labs has shown that plant based cellulose can be used to produce more cost effective scaffold as supports for growing meat cells vs using the usual human or animal products. This allows far more cost effective production of cellular ag meat products, including making more “steak-like” products.

Cellulose is a great option because it’s “an organic, plant-based fibre… is one of the most abundant, sustainable, and easily sourced biomaterials on earth.” Further Pelling Lab research “will be investigating naturally-derived biomaterials from at least five plant sources — asian pear, carrot, rose petals, asparagus, and mushroom, to name a few — as scaffolds for cultured meat production.”

This is one of those great core pieces of research that’ll help cellular ag of all sorts to scale and rapidly reach commercial viability. Cellular growth media is another area ripe for investigation to produce “food grade” products to accelerate the cellular ag sector. Add it all up and the exponential growth of cellular agriculture products continues to accelerate.

(Article no longer available 27th April 2024)

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