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Innovative new smart ovens prepare restaurant quality meals

Will “Smart Ovens” replace the microwave? An Israeli startup, Genie, is is now selling a “countertop “smart oven” claiming to cook restaurant-quality meals and snacks from freeze-dried pods within three minutes.”

They’re pre-launching in the US and are concentrating on commercial applications such as workplaces, followed by cafes, hotels and hospitals. They’ve taken this approach in Israel, testing the products with the Israeli  Defense Force and Apple.. The pods have a shelf-life of one to two years and come in everything from breakfast to dinner, to dessert, although in a small range of meals. The prices on the Israeli site equate to around AUD4 for Oatmeals to AUD6.50 for Chili Con Carne. When you place the pod in the oven it “scans the bar code printed on the outside of the pod,. It then registers the instructions for preparing that dish in a proprietary sequence of heating, cooling, agitating, microwaving and steaming.”

One of the big selling points is that the freeze drying means that no preservatives are required. They “contain no preservatives, artificial flavorings, colorings or additives.” Another interesting innovation in food preparation, so who needs a kitchen?

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