It’s World Microbiome Day!

IT’S WORLD MICROBIOME DAY! In Ireland at least. The national institute APC Microbiome Ireland has designated June 27th as World Microbiome Day, with the theme of “Mind our Microbes”. They want it to become a Worldwide annual event “to showcase the vibrant and diverse worlds of microbiomes”. The increasing focus on the importance of the human microbiome in everything from mental health to obesity augers well for their goal!

They make a very good point that I’ve believed for years. Namely that “it is imperative that we protect our microbes, particularly the microbes in us and those in the environment that contribute to the health of our planet. We have become obsessed with eliminating bacteria, attacking with antibacterial gels and wipes.”

So, celebrate World Microbiome Day by saving a microbe today and not using that antibacterial gel or wipe!

What is World Microbiome Day?

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