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Who will regulate Clean Meat, FDA or USDA?

FDA to regulate cell cultured meat? Common sense, not politics, may yet rule in the regulation of meat and other cellular agriculture products.

The FDA says that “both substances used in the manufacture of these products of animal cell culture technology and the products themselves that will be used for food are subject to FDA’s jurisdiction and applicable statutory and regulatory food safety and food labeling requirements.” This makes far more sense than the Cattle Producers request that the USDA regulate the cellular meat industry. These are food products which rest squarely within the FDA’s regulatory responsibilities.

Furthermore the FDA is holding a public meeting to solicit comments from stakeholders. Interestingly FDA Commissioner Dr Scott Gottlieb wants “to have a dialogue around other areas of interest related to foods produced through animal cell culture technology, such as labeling.” Hopefully this will short circuit the useless arguments over what terms can be used to describe cellular ag products.

I’m sure the fight isn’t over yet, but some sense has been injected into the argument. Let’s see what develops!

This again reinforces that it’s simply when, not if, cellular ag meats will hit the market.

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