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The Future of Food

What’s the future of food? Well Startus magazine has put together a fascinating AI assisted “Food Innovation Map” by surveying over 900 Food Industry startups. From this they isolated 8 key areas, the top 2 being my top 2 favourites!

1 – Artificial proteins
2 – 3D Food printing
3 – Food robotics
4 – Personalised nutrition
5 – Food Waste
6 – Internet of Things
7 – Food Safety
8 – Delivery

In my opinion it will be the combination of Artificial Proteins, 3D Food Printing and Personalised nutrition which will drive the future of food. Combined with many of the other 8 items these 3 give unprecedented power of choice to the consumer. Companies that don’t factor these 3 into their view of the future will be dangerously exposed to major disruption and loss of market share, possibly even extinction!

Let’s learn from the past and remember Kodak, no one wants their company to be the next “Kodak moment”!

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