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Spirulina as a new meat substitute

Tavelmout Corp is planning to ramp up its Spirulina algae production with the construction of a new processing plant in Brunei. They plan to use this new production capacity to enter the alternative meat market. Kengo Fukui, CFO of Tavelmout, says that “There are more companies producing artificial meat made from plants. We hope to use algae as an alternative source of ingredients for making artificial meat”

After two years Tavelmout is producing 100 tonnes per year. Fukui says they plan to “multiply production by 10 times, which is a target of 1000 tonnes per year. We hope to become the world’s largest algae supplier.”

With 65% protein on a dry weight basis it’s definitely a good source of protein and joins the stable of challengers to conventional meat.

Just how the balance of conventional to alternative meat products will shake out remains to be seen. But there’s no doubt that more and more alternatives are becoming available to address the growing tend in Western countries for plant based products.

Feeding the projected 9.7 bn world population in 2050 will need all the technological help it can get!

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