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If we called Clean Meat “Craft Meat” instead would you be more likely to eat it?

Craft Meat? Would you be persuaded to eat a meat product that claimed to be a “Craft” product in the same way a beer is a “Craft” product?

As I’ve said Clean meat, Cellular Ag meat, call it what you will is coming and fighting to preserve certain words and descriptions for conventional meat is a losing battle. However, coming at it from the other angle, what should meat produced by cellular agriculture be called? Clean Meat attempts to capitalise on lower environmental impact, lab grown meat, well that’s just a non-starter! Other companies focus on the product being “cruelty free”, an emotional plea. No one seems to have hit on a marketing approach which would win over mainstream consumers and make them want to try the product.

Will Jack Bobo’s proposed “Craft Meat” approach as “one focused on taste, exclusivity, and bespoke production—to the meat industry what craft beer is to AB InBev” work? The problem I see in this comparison is that Craft beers are by nature individually different in flavour and often unique in their niche. Would we have Craft Angus Beef and Craft Simmental Beef? If so what would the great difference be that would tempt consumers? Interesting proposal but not a winner in my book.

Would you eat “Craft Meat”?

“Clean” meat needs a rebrand. Here’s an idea: call it “craft” instead

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