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Flying taxis in 5 years!

You could be able to take an Uber air taxi as soon as 2023, a mere 5 years away! UberAir will “offer ride-sharing access across large metropolitan cities. The idea here is to create a new, electric-run transport option for highly congested cities that currently struggle with extreme gridlock, like L.A.”

To achieve this Uber is investing $27 m in a new research center in Paris called the Advanced Technologies Center Paris. The organisation will focus on “building artificial intelligence and airspace management systems to support UberAIR at scale, which will be key to achieving our goal of demonstration flights in Dallas, Los Angeles, and a third, international city by 2020”.

Having tried to get to Melbourne airport from Clayton or Sydney airport from Parramatta in under 2hrs during peak time someone ask Melbourne or Sydney to put up their hand!

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