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Impossible Burger goes to Hong Kong.

Impossible Foods continues to blaze the plant protein trail. One of the most successful meat alternative products, the Impossible Burger, gets some high level publicity from its Hong Kong release.

Uwe Opocensky of Beef & Liberty, made The Impossible Thai Burger (AUD24) with chilli, coriander, watercress, mint, basil, spring onion, soy mayonnaise, crispy shallots and garlic. He then used the  minced version to make Impossible chilli cheese fries (AUD11) topped with spring onions and sour cream.

On the other hand May Chow of Little Bao prepared the Impossible Bao (AUD21), using the patty seasoned with black pepper teriyaki sauce, salted lemon kombu salad and fermented tofu sauce served in steamed buns. At her second restaurant Happy Paradise she made XinJiang hot pockets (AUD16), using the  with pickled daikon and Xinjiang spices.

Most of the reviews were positive except for the Thai Burger, which some thought “the “meat” tasted more like wheat, the patty looked undercooked, and didn’t hold its shape when it was cooked.”

High volumes, probably not, high publicity, definitely!

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