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Protein from air company Solar Foods raises USD5.1 m

Why is it so exciting that protein from air company Solar Foods raised USD5.1 m to progress its production facility due to open in 2022? The key attribute of its Solein product is that “its production process does not involve irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers applied on open land or animals.”

This is because it frees countries from the twin tyrannies of arable land and fresh water. Countries can use non-arable land for food production so there’s no need for deforestation. They can also use much less fresh water. This means countries can become internally food secure and not rely on other countries for food supplies in a crisis.

With products like Solein coming to market, meat cultivated meat plants coming online and price parity for plantbased meat 2022 and 2023 are set to become the most exciting years of the decade!

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