Ensuring food companies profit and gain a competitive advantage by understanding exponentially changing food technologies.

How to profit from the Future of Food with the three stage FutureCUBED™ process.

Horizon Scanning

Tony looks at all new technologies through the prism of their application to the AgriFoodTech industries. Whereas a conventional futurist may have a superficial knowledge of the Future of Food Tony has the technical, industry, management skills and experience specific to Food to really deliver. By continuously scouring the Horizon for significant events he can help you Challenge your thinking and Understand the signals of change and understand what the future could hold for your company and/or industry.

FutureMind™ Foresight

Knowing the current state of your industry is one thing. But what about all those emerging new technologies? What do these signal for the Future of your particular industry? How do we turn this knowledge into concrete actions we can take to mitigate the consequences of an unknown future? Tony spends time deliberating on the questions of what the future could mean for the Food industry and identifying the key drivers of change. Using Tonys FutureMind™ methodology you can Be prepared for whichever future becomes the new reality.

Strategic integration and implementation

Conventional strategy development is too often linear, and in todays exponentially advancing world this is simply not good enough! People are by nature linear but technology is exponential and we need to Evaluate exponentially changing technologies and futures. Armed with current trends, Foresight on possible futures, and the drivers of change companies can be prepared to take Decisive action when the opportunities present themselves.


Challenge your thinking

Understand the signals

Be prepared

Evaluate exponentially changing technologies and     futures, to take

Decisive action

Tony Hunter – Food Futurist

As the leader of a Food, Beverage or Ag business, you know that technological change in our industry is increasing exponentially. Disruptors from within, but also from outside the industry, are changing what customers will eat and drink in the coming years. In the midst of this disruption, what decisions can you make over the next 1, 3, 5 or 10+ years to maximise your return to stakeholders?

My FutureCUBED™ method can help your company be prepared for the Future of Food and maximise your competitive advantages! See my Horizon scanning, FutureMind Foresight and Strategic implementation and integration pages for more details.






Tony Hunter

Food Futurist


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